AecorLink to deliver highspeed Internet to Wasaline’s Aurora Botnia

AecorLink has been appointed to deliver highspeed Internet to Wasaline´s brand new ferry - Aurora Botnia. Wasaline has been using AecorLink broadband service since 2017, on the ferry Wasa Express. Wasaline has had the first long distance shore to ship, satellite free, highspeed internet connection to a ferry. AecorLink will provide an updated version of the shore to ship microwave system to match the stable, low latency and highspeed internet services offered to passengers on the new top modern ferry Aurora Botnia.

“AecorLink is proud to have Wasaline as a client and is greatly thankful to Wasaline’s cooperation and for letting AecorLink further develop and optimize the technology on its ferry. AecorLink has for many years refined its innovative, ship to shore, seamless microwave technology. We have today the most stable solution with unbeaten capacity over the longest distances in the business”, says Ulf Hårderup, CEO of AecorLink.