Wasaline is the first shipping company to introduce High-Speed broadband in the Baltic Sea

Wasaline is the first shipping company in the Baltic Sea to provide its passengers with fast and reliable internet access from Vaasa to Umeå. For the first time, passengers can now surf the web, use social media and streaming services the same way they do at home.

Wasaline has for a long time worked on ways to develop a better Internet connection to its ship M / S Wasa Express. Together with Aecorlink's innovative broadband technology, the shipping company can now launch a unique solution that will allow broadband access at the same speed ashore. This has not been possible onboard before.

Companies that hold conferences onboard now have a unique opportunity to communicate with the outside world, for example through Skype or other streaming services, including calls via the Internet, which are now possible. The availability of fast broadband access will bring significant added value to the journey and supports important transport links between Vaasa and Umeå. It gives an opportunity to work on board with the same connection speed as at the office.

“Today, fast Internet access is a no-brainer for our passengers. However, in the past it has not been possible to provide a fast broadband connection onboard, for example so that one could enjoy streaming services. It's great that the shipping company, together with Aecorlink, can launch this unique solution with advanced microwave technology. This is an important day to us and the whole region as Wasaline makes history by being the first shipping company in the Baltic Sea to test and introduce this. Wasaline is achieving to be in the frontline to develop innovated technology and this is a important part of the future”


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