AecorLink builds Network on
land to provide vessels with
broadband at sea.

High Data Speed

High-speed connectivity onboard the vessels like in your office using proprietary technology.

High Availibility

Extreemly low down-time while whithin covereage.

Low Latency

Neglectable latency compared to other technologies.

AecorLink do supply Maritime Starlink Services at exceptional rates.


Aecorlink is your provider of broadband at sea. We build infrastructure on the shoreline and offer you as a shipping
company the opportunity to connect to our networks at a fixed monthly fee.

In case we do not have infrastructure at the shoreline in the area you operate, we can offer a tailor-made solution just for your company. The speeds we offer varies with the distance between the mast positions on land. Usually we offer 100Mbps aggregate with distances over 100Km, but we also offer higher speeds if the distance between the tower sites are more favorable. The stability of the signals is 99.99% and the delay is much lower than what satellite offers. We also offer redundancy on our solutions to ensure contact with vessels. During the preparation phase our integration team will arrange weekly meetings with your technical department to the provide necessary information and guide you through the installation.